First Nowhere Developers Conference Coming to NWA Thursday

The first Nowhere Developers Conference, a one-day technology conference for software developers and engineers, will be held Thursday at Record in downtown Bentonville.

Organizers plan to make the conference an annual event.

It will feature break-out sessions and speakers from Google, LinkedIn, Angelhack, Mailchimp and Mozilla, among others. Topics include the state of the industry, software engineering, emerging technology (such as machine learning), cryptocurrency, augmented reality and the region's growing technology ecosystem.

Nowhere Developers is partnering with SupplyPike and nonprofit Startup Junkie Consulting, both of Fayetteville, to bring this conference to the region.

Tickets are $150 and can be purchased here

"Connectivity, affordable living, big city amenities, and an increasing diversity of job opportunities are transforming northwest Arkansas into an emerging tech hub," Dan Sanker, president and CEO of CaseStack Inc. and SupplyPike, said in a news release. "The Nowhere Developers Conference will expedite that by bringing together world-class talent and providing opportunities for cross-industry networking and education."

Jeff Amerine, founding principal of Startup Junkie Consulting, said in the release, "We must develop, attract, and retain the best technology talent - and the best way that's going to happen is if we build a community of developers where they feel like they can learn, grow and have new opportunities. We are happy and honored to support these efforts, as long as they are developer-centric and developer-led."