Insurance Agent Matthew Glass Gets Win Against AID

Insurance Agent Matthew Glass Gets Win Against AID
Matthew Glass

Give this victory to West Memphis insurance agent Matthew Glass.

Glass had his insurance license reinstated last week by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen, who also barred the Arkansas Insurance Department from taking any more action that would interfere with Glass’ insurance practice pending a final disposition in his dispute with the AID.

You remember the story: The AID recently suspended Glass’ license after he refused to give the department’s investigators access to files involving some Arkansas Works clients without having his attorney present.

Glass’ attorney, Nate Steel of Little Rock, told Whispers last week that he and Glass had been working with the AID for a year before AID investigators showed up unannounced at Southeast Insurance Group’s office in West Memphis, where Glass is president and CEO. They wanted to see the files. Glass wouldn’t let them without Steel being there because of the sensitive nature of the files, Steel said.

That led to an emergency suspension order by the AID.

“That’s probably the one that bothers me the most,” Steel said. “Mr. Glass’ reputation has been ruined; his business has been ruined. He’s been completely railroaded, and there’s no way to put that back together, even with a preliminary injunction.”

AID spokesman Ryan James said in an email that Glass “continues to be under investigation” by the AID, so he couldn’t comment on the case.