Walter Quinn Takes Over Mortgage, Pays Delinquent Taxes

Walter Quinn Takes Over Mortgage, Pays Delinquent Taxes
Walter Quinn's home in west Little Rock

Real estate records indicate that two mortgages remain in place on Walter Quinn’s west Little Rock home.

Heading toward a Feb. 8 foreclosure sale, Malvern National Bank held a nearly $1.3 million foreclosure judgment against Quinn, one-time majority shareholder of Little Rock’s now-defunct Heartland Bank, and his wife, Terry.

And Prosperity Bank of El Campo, Texas, held a $6.2 million judgment against Walter Quinn.

The dual judgments were tied to a pair of delinquent mortgages secured by the 7,490-SF Riverview Point residence.

You might recall that the foreclosure sale was called off after an 11th-hour meeting of the minds.

A Quinn-related entity, HB Ven II Ltd., acquired MNB’s judgment. Trailing behind that assignment was the payment of $60,420 for delinquent 2014-16 property taxes, interest, penalties and other costs.

Quinn’s former business associate John Lewis was the recipient of a state tax lien of $124,495 for income taxes owed in 2014.

Lewis also received a nonjudicial foreclosure notice on his Riverdale condo. The action is tied to a delinquent loan that totaled $215,000 when it was originated back in 2011 by Community State Bank of Bradley.