Hot Trailer Touches Off PAM Transport Lawsuit

Hot Trailer Touches Off PAM Transport Lawsuit

PAM Transport Inc. of Tontitown is seeking to recoup money for a trailer that was stolen and later caught on fire.

Through attorney Christy Comstock of Wales Comstock in Fayetteville, PAM sued a company called Global Asset Management Group LLC in Washington County Circuit Court. PAM alleges that a Global driver took a PAM trailer “without authorization” from a drop yard in Michigan.

PAM said it filed the lawsuit in Arkansas because Global’s agent, Arkansas Corp. Services Inc., is based in Little Rock.

PAM said the unnamed driver, working for the subsidiary Global Asset Transport, took the trailer in order to make a delivery of grass seed to a location in Colorado. The lawsuit did not specify when the trailer was taken nor how the driver was able to take it.

On Aug. 30, 2017, PAM said it was notified that one of its trailers was involved in an accident on Interstate 70 in Bakerville, Colorado. The accident happened Aug. 25, PAM was told, and the trailer had caught fire.

PAM said that, after an investigation, it learned the driver had abandoned the tractor, trailer and load of grass seed in Colorado. PAM contacted Global Asset Transport owner Corey Hutson, who told PAM he had traveled to Colorado to recover the rig and complete the delivery when the trailer caught fire.

After the trailer was towed, PAM said, it contacted Hutson, who told PAM he had trailer interchange insurance, and he had contacted his insurance company and filed a claim for the damages.

PAM said Hutson has “refused” to share his insurance certificate or his insurance company’s contact information.

PAM is suing for damages of more than $45,700, which represents the cost of the trailer and the towing, storage and disposal fees.

PAM is also asking for interest, penalties and attorney fees.