The Year in Executive Q&A: 2019

The Year in Executive Q&A: 2019

Last week, as has become a tradition, Arkansas Business subscribers received the Book of Lists, in which we compile dozens of the lists we published during 2019 into one indispensable reference book for doing business in the Natural State. This week, in a somewhat newer tradition, we start 2020 by compiling another of our regular features: a year’s worth of the Executive Q&A.

We approached executives from businesses large and small, nonprofits and even government agencies, and asked them to answer questions about their organizations, their industries and themselves. This is not hard-hitting journalism — if we think someone needs that treatment, we certainly don’t invite him or her to participate in this feature. Instead, it’s a way for all of us — you and our reporting staff — to get better acquainted with the people, businesses and industries that make up the business community that is our common interest. These are people you buy from and sell to, or maybe you should. Or they may be your competitors, and there’s nothing more valuable than knowing what the competition is thinking.

The only thing I’m selling is newspapers, and I owe a big thank-you to the 50 men and women who participated in this feature in 2019. It is a compliment to Arkansas Business that they agreed to help make our publication more valuable to readers.

The Executive Q&A will continue throughout 2020. If you know of someone who would make a worthy subject, email me at

Gwen Moritz


Michael Stewart
Service to Saline Health System
Jan. 14


Carolina Cruz-Neira
Taking Virtual Reality at Face Value
Feb. 4

Cynthia Dunlap
Love for Arkansas Comes Naturally for Visitors
Feb. 18



Sally Mengel
Keeping Cool, Avoiding Burnout
March 18

Richard Harp
Mentor Helped Pull Strings
March 25


Houston Davis
Sees Shift in Skills at UCA
April 1

Bob Cooper Jr.
Fort Smith Supports Its Retail
April 8

Chris Caldwell
Success Grown in The Delta
April 29



Aaron Gamewell
Staying Vigilant Against Hackers, Lack of Planning
June 3

Larry Shackelford
Clear Bill of Health On the Way
June 17



Charles Morgan
Getting the Number on Bad Calls
Aug. 5

Michael Malone
Working Both Sides of the Street
Aug. 12

Nelson Peacock
Ample Room for More Talent in NWA
Aug. 26


Shawn Govind
Checking In on Latest Project
Sept. 2

Allison J.H. Thompson
Discovering Treasure in Jefferson County
Sept. 16

Steven Webb
Staying Patient on Growth
Sept. 30




Robert Hopkins
No Reverse on Tech at Reserve
Oct. 21

Danny Kennedy
Taking On All the Rice in China
Oct. 28


Scott McGehee
Culinary Concepts Part of Yellow Rocket Science
Nov. 11


Victoria Ramirez
Drawing a Crowd to New Arts Center
Dec. 9

Brent Birch
Big Takes on Buoyant Tech
Dec. 23