Cannabis Edibles, Concentrates and Syringes on Way, Bold Team Says

Cannabis Edibles, Concentrates and Syringes on Way, Bold Team Says
Medical marijunana vape cartridges will offer specific strains of cannabis in 500-milligram doses.

Bold Team LLC, the cultivation center that brought in Arkansas’ first legal marijuana crop, will soon have something for medical marijuana patients to chew on — or vape, or rub into their sore spots.

The $6 million grow site in Cotton Plant (Woodruff County) has announced a lineup of gummy chews, vape cartridges, salves and syringes. The products could appear on the shelves of the state’s two open medical cannabis dispensaries, Doctors Orders RX and Green Springs Medical, both in Hot Springs, by the end of the month.

"Bold is preparing both edibles and concentrates for the next harvest and is hard at work with formulations and packaging," Director of Customer Relations Robert Lercher told Arkansas Business. The entire first harvest, about 200 pounds worth, was devoted exclusively to cannabis buds, which are now being sold.

Lercher said the products will be in both edible and concentrate form.

The gummies will come in three flavors — lemon, grape and mango — in two different cannabinoid combinations: 10-gummy packs with either 10 milligrams per chew of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, or 5 milligrams of TCH and 5 milligrams of CBD per gummy.

"All gummies will be packaged in child-resistant packaging in compliance with all Arkansas medical marijuana regulations," Lercher said.

Vape cartridges will offer specific strains of cannabis in 500-milligram doses with 510 threading, the industry term for the screw threads that connect vape cartridges and batteries. Another option will be strain-specific live resin, also in 500-milligram portions, as well as 500-milligram blended distillates of hybrid, Sativa, Indica and high-CBD varieties. Disposable vape pens will be available in 300-milligram doses from specific strains and blends of hybrids, Sativa, Indica and high-CBD varieties.

Cannabis concentrates will come in strain-specific and blended 1-gram packages of wax, shatter, sauce and sap varieties. The company will also be shipping 1-gram strain-specific and blended distillate syringes. The vape cartridges, pens and concentrates will also be distributed in child-resistant packaging, Lercher said.

The products will be tested for potency and purity by Steep Hill Arkansas, a Little Rock testing company led by Brandon Thornton.  

Meanwhile, the state offered an update on total sales by the two dispensaries through close of business Wednesday. "Since Doctors Orders opened May 10 and Green Springs Medical on May 12, the two dispensaries in total have sold more than 35 pounds of medical marijuana," said spokesman Scott Hardin of the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration, which oversees regulation of the medical marijuana program through its Alcoholic Beverage Control division. Through May 15, Doctors Orders had sold 19.42 pounds, "along with 16.09 pounds for Green Springs Medical," Hardin said. "Doctors Orders conducted 1,663 total transactions while Green Springs Medical completed 1,504. A purchase of any individual strain is registered as a transaction within the state tracking software."

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