And Now: Good News


And Now: Good News

The record-breaking flooding is much on our minds, but for now, maybe the best we can do is remind our congressional delegation that none of our fellow citizens is safe from natural disaster, any one of us can be placed in a position of needing help, and you’ll rarely go wrong by obeying the Golden Rule.

Well, we can also do this: share with our readers the good economic omens to be found in what they may have noticed is a surfeit of Movers & Shakers, the news about Arkansans’ new jobs, promotions and awards featured in almost every issue of Arkansas Business.

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During the dark days of the Great Recession, job announcements dwindled. We usually devoted at least one page to Movers & Shakers, but we were finding it hard to fill that page. Around the same time — circa 2011 — Arkansas Business was undergoing a redesign, so as part of that new look, we debuted the Super Mover, an expanded Mover or Shaker that focused on a particularly newsworthy hire or honor.

The Super Mover solved two problems: It appropriately highlighted a noteworthy work announcement and it filled space. (Journalism, like politics, like much of life itself, is the art of the possible.)

In the last several issues, readers may have noticed that we’ve devoted more space than usual to Movers & Shakers and held back on Super Movers. That’s because we’ve been inundated with job announcements, so much so that we’ve fallen behind and have been working to catch up.

We have suggested to Michael Pakko, the state economic forecaster, that the volume of Movers & Shakers landing in our queue be considered an economic indicator. By that indication, Arkansas’ economy is humming.

So here’s to hoping that Arkansans can recover quickly and fully from the blows dealt by our changeable climate to participate in this healthy business climate.