NWA Restore It Files Injunction After Ugly Breakup

NWA Restore It Files Injunction After Ugly Breakup

Some breakups can’t be restored.

NWA Restore It Inc. of Centerton, a damage restoration company, filed for an injunction and temporary restraining order after two employees quit and signed on with a competing business.

The suit, filed in Benton County Circuit Court by attorney Tina Adcock-Thomas of Bentonville, alleged that former production manager Kevin Ainsworth and former lead technician Joseph Ferris violated a confidentiality and non-compete agreement when they joined Restoration 1 of Northwest Arkansas, also of Centerton.

NWA Restore It said the agreement prohibits the former employees from working for a similar business within 75 miles of Springdale for two years.

Ainsworth, who joined NWA Restore It in November 2017, abruptly resigned May 16 with an email sent companywide that criticized the leadership. He added that Ferris was also resigning and joining him at the new employer.

“Good luck to everyone here, you are gonna need it!!” he concluded

Donald Hicks, a co-owner of Restoration 1, said he had seen the lawsuit. Restoration 1 opened approximately one year ago, and Hicks said his six-employee company has to “hustle” for jobs compared with the larger and established NWA Restore It.

“They have an established network of work that follows them. We’re scrounging, finding work wherever possible. They’re concerned some of those established channels might get disrupted if these employees know stuff about those channels,” Hicks said.