HealthTech Arkansas Raises $815K for Startups

HealthTech Arkansas Raises $815K for Startups
Jeff Stinson, director of HealthTech Arkansas.

You might have heard the big announcement last week in which HealthTech Arkansas of Little Rock named the six startup companies selected for its accelerator program.

But did you know its HealthTech Arkansas Investments LLC raised $815,000 from investors?

The money will be invested in companies in the HealthTech Arkansas program, said Jeff Stinson, director of HealthTech Arkansas. Stinson is also the executive director of the Fund for Arkansas’ Future, the state’s largest angel investment fund.

“We bring in highly accomplished early-stage companies and connect them to our nine hospitals here inside the state of Arkansas,” he said.

The companies were selected from hundreds of applicants across 18 countries.

And HealthTech is the only program in the country that guarantees the startups will have pilot programs with the Arkansas hospitals working with HealthTech, Stinson said.

Stinson said the investment company will continue to raise money through the end of the year. The offering amount is $3 million, according to the company’s filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Stinson said the startups in the program have “high-growth potential, so that creates good opportunities for our investors.”

The fund managers are Stinson, John Nabholz, David DePoyster, Gene Scott and Dr. Ahmad Brown.