Best Places to Work: The Brad Hendricks Law Firm

Best Places to Work: The Brad Hendricks Law Firm

The Brad Hendricks Law Firm’s goal is to establish long-term relationships not only with clients, but with staff too.

City: Little Rock
Employees: 35
Industry Type: Legal

While the firm understands that someone seeking a personal injury lawyer may not be thinking about social security disability or bankruptcy issues at the time of their injury, The Brad Hendricks Law Firm strives to be a continuing resource for various legal needs.

The majority of the staff have been employed with the firm for more than 10 years, many more than 15 years and some as long as 20-plus years. The longevity and tenure proves that working at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm is not just a good job, it is a place to have a great career.

There is little staff turnover, so clients can have confidence that someone knowledgeable and experienced will be available to handle any legal matter they may encounter. The firm provides flexible schedules, generous benefits, competitive compensation and a team-oriented environment.

Employees of The Brad Hendricks Law Firm can sell back sick time for an extra week of pay.

The office environment is collaborative and collegial with minimal conflict. Flexible schedules allow employees to attend to family and personal needs.

After 10 years with the firm, employees get three extra paid days off (birthday and an extra day for Christmas and Thanksgiving). Employees can also sell back sick time for an extra week of pay.

Once-a-week casual days add to the relaxed environment, and box seat tickets are made available for purchase for any event at Verizon Arena, including graduation ceremonies.

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