Best Places to Work: TRS Healthcare

Best Places to Work: TRS Healthcare

TRS Healthcare is a nurse-owned and operated company that provides temporary health care professionals for employment in hospitals throughout the U.S.

City: Springdale
Employees: 62
Industry Type: Staffing

Comforting and restoring lives is carried over to the office staff through numerous opportunities for growth, encouragement, fun experiences and value for each employee.

TRS Healthcare leadership invests in personal and professional development of the staff by continuous education and training as well as rewards and encouragement.

TRS has a full-time corporate trainer who provides leadership training and other training opportunities for employees in both personal and professional topics that could be used in any career.

TRS Healthcare has a Celebration Committee that ensures employees celebrate successes in creative ways that build teamwork and camaraderie.

TRS cares for its employees by providing for the whole person. Examples include a free communications class for couples, a financial health program and a wellness program with reimbursements for a Fitbit.

Employees’ efforts are recognized through Team Member of the Month and Team Member of the Year honors and performance-based awards and bonuses. Accolades are presented at company lunches and displayed on corporate televisions throughout the office.

Fundamental Fridays are set aside for sales staff team building, and TRS provides standing desks to encourage employee well-being. There is also a kitchen event center that can be used after hours for employees at no cost for personal events and gatherings.

The company motto “Work hard and play hard” is written on the wall and is put into action during celebrations throughout the year that are organized by the Celebration Committee. A pingpong table, arcade basketball, patio areas, reading areas and a fireplace all serve to build camaraderie.

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