Health Insurance Coverage Declines in 2018

Health Insurance Coverage Declines in 2018
Note: The estimates by type of coverage are not mutually exclusive; people can be covered by more than one type of health insurance during the year. For information on confidentiality protection, sampling error, nonsampling error, and definitions in the Current Population Survey. (See PDF.)

The number of people in the United States lacking health insurance rose in 2018, the first increase in a decade.

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In 2018, 8.5% of Americans, or 27.5 million, didn’t have health insurance at any time during the year, compared with 7.9%, or 25.6 million, in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The percentage of people with health insurance coverage for all or part of 2018 was 91.5%, lower than the 92.1% in 2017.

Most of the decline in health insurance coverage was because of a 0.7% decrease in Medicaid participants, the Census Bureau said.