Jason Pederson Now on DHS' Side

Jason Pederson Now on DHS' Side
Jason Pederson (KATV)

KATV is missing Jason Pederson, who left the Little Rock ABC affiliate after 24 years to create an ombudsman’s office at the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

The consumer affairs correspondent was best known for “7 on Your Side,” pursuing stories on injustices reported by viewers. DHS hired him specifically to be its first ombudsman, educating Arkansans on their rights and helping them navigate the vast department.

“I look forward to serving Arkansans,” Pederson said in a statement. His goal, he said, is to resolve issues “in a fair way that helps the department improve processes and helps clients get the benefits they need.” His salary will be $80,242 a year.

“This is a big loss for the KATV newsroom,” said sportscaster Steve Sullivan, who described Pederson as “the ultimate team player” and the most talented karaoke singer in the newsroom.