Bold Owner Brings Sedate Look to Marijuana Dispensary

Bold Owner Brings Sedate Look to Marijuana Dispensary
The Hot Springs marijuana dispensary formerly known as Doctors Orders, shown on the left, has been renovated and given a new name, Suite 443.

Its new name conjures visions of Al Capone, but the Hot Springs medical marijuana dispensary once known as Doctors Orders couldn’t look more reputable these days.

Rebranded as Suite 443, an allusion to the notorious mobster’s favorite room at Hot Springs’ Arlington Hotel back in the 1930s, the dispensary’s interior has been remodeled since a partner in the Bold Team LLC cultivation center in Cotton Plant bought the dispensary last year. The Doctors Orders brand had spurred a suit by a similarly named pharmacy.

Mark Drennan, who owns a quarter of the $8 million Bold Team cultivation site, turned to his wife, Misty, to change the dispensary’s ambience.

A lava lamp and 1990s radio receiver are out, along with Jackson Pollock-style carpets and a leafy “Legalize It.” black light poster. Now paneled floors, wood-topped counters and leather couches beckon.

“People said it didn’t feel welcoming and looked sketchy,” Bold Team customer service chief Robert Lercher said. “Misty wanted everyone to feel safe and welcomed.”

Lercher’s wife, Kyndall Lercher, a 25.5% partner in Bold Team, bought a yet-to-open dispensary, Pain Free RX in Pine Bluff, at roughly the same time as Drennan’s purchase and is working to open the outlet quickly.