Priority1 to Add 100 Jobs, Open New Location in Little Rock

Priority1 to Add 100 Jobs, Open New Location in Little Rock
Dan Berardi

Priority1 of Little Rock, a privately held third-party logistics services company, said this week that it plans to add more than 200 jobs across the U.S., including 100 this year in Little Rock.

The company aims to add jobs in accounting and finance, customer service and support, operations, and sales. Priority1 employs 120 people in Arkansas.

The average annual salary for the new jobs will be $45,000, spokeswoman Sarah Epperson told Arkansas Business.

She said Priority1 executed a lease last week to take a floor at the Regions building. It will accommodate up to 120 employees, and Priority1 will "grow into that this year," she said. 

The company plans to continue having three locations: one near the airport, one in Riverdale and one downtown. 

"Priority1 is fortunate to be in the midst of a strong growth cycle. We have had exceptional success tapping into the Little Rock talent pool and we plan to continue to do so. We offer first in class benefits that include paid family health care and a very generous profit-sharing program," CEO Dan Berardi said.

"The human capital in the Little Rock area continues to be a huge advantage for our organization, and it is a key contributor to our 25 years of growth. Little Rock has been good to us, and it is nice to be able to continue to aggressively hire in the Little Rock market," he continued. "Priority1 has far exceeded its commitments made last year to the [Arkansas Economic Development Commission], chamber and Mayor [Frank Scott Jr.]. To expound on that, we plan to add close to 100 employees in Little Rock and we will close to double our workforce nationwide in 2020."

Epperson said the company has enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of 38% for the past five years, adding $65 million to its revenue last year alone.