Long-Term Care Facility Winner: The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove

Long-Term Care Facility Winner: The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove
The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove in Little Rock

Executive Director John Montgomery is looking to reshape the way we think of long-term care facilities and what they can feel like for the people living there. At the Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove, the focus is on making the space feel like home to the residents,

The cottage-style setup sets Green House Cottages apart from other long-term care facilities because each cottage holds no more than 12 elders (Freeman’s term for the Green House Cottages residents). The home-like environment offers care in a deinstitutionalized manner. And with every elder having their own room and private bathroom, there’s a decreased risk of infection. Green House Cottages also boasts low readmission rates to the hospital, a full-time nurse practitioner on campus and direct care staffing ratios as high as four staff to one elder, with each staff member receiving at least 120 hours of extra training for elder care in the Green House model.

Attention to detail and a genuine care for elders have contributed to an extensive list of “perks.” At the Green House Cottages, elders enjoy made to order meals prepared fresh in the home, family style dining, a menu picked by the elder themself and the option to cook themselves.

“There are many more reasons that we are set apart in terms of quality of care, and most of those can be summed up in the wonderful, caring, and compassionate people that make up our staff that possess the heart to care for the elder generation,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery’s goal for Green House Cottages is to disrupt the status quo in the skilled nursing and long-term care industry. The team at Green House Cottages believes in creating an environment that honors the choices of elders in a dignified manner with exceptional clinical outcomes.

“We aim to be purposeful in knowing each individual that comes to our campus and form lasting relationships that allow us the opportunity to better serve our elders, families, and staff for a continued positive effect in our community,” Montgomery said.

Staff to elder ratio at Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove

Average number of days in a short-term rehab stay in a Green House Cottage compared to the average of 28

Maximum number of elders in one of the Green House cottages