Stephens Inc. Employees Told to Work From Home

Stephens Inc. Employees Told to Work From Home
The Stephens Building in downtown Little Rock. (Amanda Cordell)

Warren Stephens, CEO of the Stephens Inc. investment firm in Little Rock, has told his employees to work from home if possible "until further notice" due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and travel restrictions have been implemented for the company's U.S. and European offices. 

"If you are an employee who has the capability to work remotely, we ask that you work from home and do not come into the office until further notice," Stephens said in an email sent to all employees on Sunday evening.

The company provided a statement about the directive to Arkansas Business on Monday, along with a link to a message to Stephens customers posted online

Employees who are working from home "will be using our Virtual Private Network (VPN), ensuring that private, sensitive, and protected information remains so," according to the message to customers.

Also, all international business travel has been discontinued, non-critical business travel requires management approval, and employees are encouraged to use teleconferencing and video conferencing "an alternative to travel and a way to remain in close contact with clients."

Stephens Inc. is "fully operating and supporting clients," according to the statement.