Administrator of the Year Finalist: Adam Head

Administrator of the Year Finalist: Adam Head
Adam Head of CARTI (Karen E. Segrave)

When he became president and CEO of CARTI more than two years ago, Adam Head realized there was more to the job than its finances.

While he was tasked with reversing $6 million in losses that occurred in the cancer-fighting institute’s previous fiscal year, Head saw that it wasn’t a turnaround but a transformation that was needed. He knew that a massive organizational shift had to take place, but after taking the job Head decided change needed to come from the ground up, starting with reestablishing the organization’s entity from both a brand and a culture standpoint.

By embracing a vision to be the premier cancer treatment destination in the region, CARTI developed the motivation, sense of urgency and platform to tackle the challenge. Transforming the operation led to a radical and positive shift in the financial performance as the change in culture led to operational improvements, which in turn led to an increased operating income of $9.3 million in two years.

With two years under his belt and a more solid financial foundation, Head intends to keep the growth going, not for growth’s sake, but because of a public need. There were close to 17,000 new cancer diagnoses in Arkansas in the past year, a critical need that CARTI intends to meet by expanding its presence into communities across the state, treating cancer earlier and making a positive impact on patients’ lives.

The concept of leadership grabbed Head when he was in Army ROTC at the University of Arkansas and pursuing his bachelor's degree in business administration. While finishing the ROTC program he got his first hospital job and began to see how leadership principles could be applied in the health care field.

Head has always enjoyed providing leadership that saves lives, and when he looks out his office window and sees patients arriving for treatment, it confirms his career choice.

CARTI is not in the business to back away from hurdles, Head says. It is there to tackle challenges with the best interests of patients in mind.

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