Administrator of the Year Winner: John Montgomery

Administrator of the Year Winner: John Montgomery
John Montgomery of the Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove

Growing up in a tight knit family and community, John Montgomery saw firsthand how important it is to be there to care for those you love. Building on that desire to care for others, Montgomery became a physical therapist in 2010 and went to work in a nursing home in Heber Springs.

“The want and need to care for people was a transition that I was eager to make after school because my life to that point seemed to prepare me for just that,” he said.

Today, Montgomery is the executive director of The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove in Little Rock. The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove is a decentralized skilled nursing facility that looks to disrupt the long-term care industry by offering all private rooms and bathrooms, a home-like environment and elder choice.

The challenges that Montgomery faces are similar to those in most post-acute or long-term care situations. A struggle to find quality employees has been an especially high hurdle to overcome, but has allowed Montgomery to better refine their hiring processes to include intangibles such as kindness and compassion in objective ways.

Montgomery’s duties include the oversight of operations of 10 small homes caring for 118 elders, building relationships with the community and enriching the lives of the people he serves. Montgomery treats each elder as if they were his own grandmother or grandfather and strives to foster a meaningful, home-like experience.

“Each person, whether employee or elder, has a unique story that brought them to this point and it is my duty to know them so that I can better serve them as an administrator or as a caregiver,” Montgomery said. “At Poplar Grove, we are able to form a family among families and use our challenges to continue to strive for a better way forward.”

The Green House Cottages at Poplar Grove offer a small cottage environment with a maximum of 12 elders living in each home with a private room, private bathroom and made-to-order, “family-style” meals based on each elder’s choice.