CWP Productions Keeping Business ‘As Usual' with Audiovisual Tech

CWP Productions Keeping Business ‘As Usual' with Audiovisual Tech
When the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled Arkansas Business' live "Health Care Heroes" event, CWP Productions was able to quickly produce a virtual edition of the event.
By Shannon Ponder
April 27, 2020

It wasn’t long ago that the option to work from home didn’t exist for the majority of businesses and employees. Meetings, conferences, events, ceremonies and services shared one crucial necessity: the physical presence of attendees. In recent weeks, we’ve gotten a firsthand glimpse of how valuable the audiovisual industry is in today’s world.

For many businesses, its role is the difference between keeping the doors open and shutting them forever. For some, it’s the reason valuable conferences are able to proceed without postponement. For others, it’s what makes it possible to live-broadcast scheduled events, like Arkansas Business’ recent virtual Health Care Heroes awards ceremony.

Where to begin with preparing your virtual gathering can seem like a daunting task. Industry experts offer the following tips:

  • Identify your target audience. What demographic are you communicating your message to? What time of day will yield the greatest attendance and audience engagement?
  • Market. Use digital platforms to spread the message about your upcoming event. Which platform will provide the furthest reach to your key audience? Track analytics to target high-traffic intervals and determine the best time to market your message to the masses.
  • Integrate advertisers and sponsors. Your advertisers and sponsors are at a great advantage when you choose a virtual format over a live event. Instead of being mentioned a few times throughout one evening, their reach is multiplied with each digital marketing tool used to promote and hold your event.
  • Use professional resources. Just about everyone has the ability to create a high-quality video on a smartphone with the help of a backdrop and lighting. In fact, this has become such a common trend on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms that it’s no longer an effective technique at drawing in viewers. Professional equipment, lighting, and production separates you from the crowd. A paid virtual experience should feel different from the experience of viewing a free tutorial.

The idea that a virtual experience sacrifices engagement is a common misconception. With the tools, resources, and knowledge provided by industry experts, businesses can learn how to be their own media outlets and engage their target audience all while successfully delivering their key message to the masses. A few other common misconceptions:

  • All content has to be live. Not all broadcasted content has to be live. It can be pre-recorded offsite and replayed at a virtual event that broadcasts at a later date.
  • Only works for events. Audiovisual technology is not limited to virtual events. For example, companies can bring products into studios along with a representative and create a virtual trade show booth.
  • Virtual gathering means disconnecting. With live events, it’s easy to shake someone’s hand and offer congratulations or conduct a question and answer dialogue. Equal connection and engagement can be achieved through virtual events and conferences with the proper resources and education.

CWP Productions, provider of an array of audiovisual services in Arkansas and surrounding states, is here to aid businesses and individuals in adapting to the physical limitations brought about as social distancing becomes the new normal. Now offering live stream and video recording space in two locations, CWP Productions is equipped and ready to assist companies with workforce training, meetings, award ceremonies and other services until people can literally return to business as usual.

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