Riceland Foods Announces New Sustainability Initiative

Riceland Foods Announces New Sustainability Initiative
Riceland Foods in Stuttgart. (File photo)

Riceland Foods announced on Monday its new "Ingrain Good" initiative, which is focused on creating value through sustainability across the farmer-owned cooperative. 

Riceland Executive Vice President and COO Ben Noble said in a news release that the new initiative is the key to the cooperative's future in becoming a leader in sustainable practices to better serve its farmer members, customers and consumers across the supply chain.

"As consumer demand shifts, we have to change. Consumers want their food to be sustainably grown. Our job is to make that happen from farm to table," Noble said. "Ingrain Good is our way of telling the story of our farmers' sustainable practices on their family farms and our cooperative’s dedication to making sustainability a priority across all areas of our business."

Through Ingrain Good, Riceland will focus on reducing its carbon footprint, maximizing efficiencies, reducing consumption of natural resources and optimizing the safety and wellbeing for all people associated with the cooperative.

The initiative will also combine Riceland's operational data with farm-level data to help USA Rice meet and exceed 2030 sustainability goals. 

"As demand for sustainably produced food increases across the food supply chain, the need to ‘tell our story’ through data rings louder than ever before," said Adam Shea, Riceland's director of sustainability. "As a farmer owned cooperative, we believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing needs and demands of the supply chain to share our story."