Central Arkansas Angel Network Announces Board Appointment

Central Arkansas Angel Network Announces Board Appointment
Amy Hopper (CAAN)

The Central Arkansas Angel Network on Tuesday announced a new board appointment and board assignments.

Amy Hopper has been named to the CAAN Board of Directors.

She serves as a program officer at Winrock International, where she manages the I-Fund, an accelerator for scalable, early-stage entrepreneurs located throughout Arkansas and the Delta Regional Authority territory.

Hopper received her bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Oklahoma and has four years of corporate finance experience. She is a certified associate in project management and a 2022 EMBA candidate at the University of Arkansas.

Also serving on the board are Jeff Amerine, James Hendren, Bryan Hosto, Alese Stroud and Gary Jones.

Stroud is now chairwoman. Hendren is treasurer, and CAAN Executive Director Grace Rains is secretary.