Lyon College Partners With Austin Firm on COVID-19 Testing

Lyon College Partners With Austin Firm on COVID-19 Testing

Lyon College in Batesville recently announced its partnership with the COVID Health Project, which will provide turnkey coronavirus testing to help the college resume day-to-day operations this fall.

CHP, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a partnership of scientists, health care professionals, industry advisors and independent lab owners.

Lyon Spokeswoman Madeline Pyle said, with CHP’s help, the school is testing all employees and any students remaining on campus for COVID-19. The school has tested more than 170 employees so far, she said.

“One of our most critical requirements is testing — ensuring capacity and rapid results — so that everyone feels safe coming back to campus. Thanks to CHP, we are now COVID ready,” President Joey King said in a news release.

CHP said it has certified clinical lab capacity and experience in serving high-volume populations. Test results will be provided within 48 hours and reported to clients on a secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal, the organization said.

In addition, CHP has partnered with the University of Texas at Austin, to provide testing and tracking for its athletics department.

“Speedy, reliable COVID-19 testing is the cornerstone of providing a safe environment, whether employees or students,” CHP CEO Chuck Brady said. “As we countdown to the reopening of schools and businesses, CHP is proud to partner with these two institutions of higher learning and implement an accurate, reliable and timely COVID-19 testing plan on their behalf.”