Advanced Tech Strategies For COVID-19 Prevention

Advanced Tech Strategies For COVID-19 Prevention

Arkansas businesses and institutions have changed the way they operate during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety of patrons and staff and to comply with local or state safety mandates and restrictions.

Operating responsibly and profitably while managing customer capacity and maintaining social-distancing measures are challenges to the savviest of operations.

In the first week of September, Arkansas experienced the largest increase of COVID-19 cases in a single day. According to official statistics, the state’s cumulative cases have surpassed 66,000.

There is no cure or vaccine for the virus yet, but there are many tech-based solutions designed to help businesses maintain a safe and healthy environment. The CDC recommends synchronized, layered safeguards to mitigate community risk, as no single strategy is sufficient.

Adapting is easier with tools designed to solve these unique challenges.

Precaution Made Easy

Following official protocols is key when creating a layered COVID-19 strategy. These universal precautions include healthy hygiene practices, wearing masks while physically distancing and staying home when ill.

Adding health safeguards does not require additional manpower. There are many contactless, automated solutions designed to create safer spaces that remove the need for a paid attendant.

Access to touchless hand sanitizer stations encourages healthy hand hygiene in shared spaces. Facial recognition kiosks remind visitors to wear a mask if none is detected. Social distancing is maintained with kiosks that monitor and control traffic based on the capacity limits for your operation. Temperature monitoring kiosks using facial recognition can help with privacy-compliant contact-tracing and transmission reduction.

Layering the available tools and technology will help your business build a COVID-19 strategy that reinforces universal health precautions.

Preparing For The Unknown

Future-proofing operations requires a proactive approach to the pandemic. It is uncertain what additional safeguards may be required of businesses as government guidelines and legislation continue to unfold. To date, 34 states have mask mandates, requiring people to wear face coverings in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. Six months ago, few of us could fathom such a requirement.

COVID-19 solution kiosks provide a link between people’s health and their safety compliance. Future-proof your operations now with tools that not only manage and minimize risk, but also automate record-keeping via email notifications.

Many businesses have already put these kiosks in place to safeguard operations by screening essential personnel and controlling access points.

"We recognize our responsibility as a provider of technology to seek out innovative, scalable solutions that truly help businesses navigate the challenges the pandemic presents," said Andrew Faulkner, owner/CEO of tech solutions firm Staley Technologies. "Our goal is to work with our clients and the community and provide the right tools and technology as these new solutions emerge."

Implementing tech that addresses the challenges of today and tomorrow will set businesses ahead of the learning curve — and help to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

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