Mobile App Lets Arkansans Play Lotto Remotely

Mobile App Lets Arkansans Play Lotto Remotely

Arkansans have a convenient new way to play lottery draw games without a trip to the convenience store in these days of COVID-19: an app called Jackpocket that players can download to their smartphones.

“Jackpocket is a convenient but also a secure way to order state lottery tickets straight from their mobile devices,” said Lauren Waldrip Ward, a partner at Campbell Ward in Little Rock, which is helping market it. “The lottery tickets drop straight into the smartphone, letting Arkansans play their favorite draw games: Megamillions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, Cash 3, Cash 4, and Natural State Jackpot.”

The app lets people play anytime and anywhere, according to the Brooklyn-based Jackpocket company, which had a little fun with that idea in its advertising. “Except while crossing streets, operating motor vehicles or using chainsaws,” it said on its website. “Play responsibly, folks.”

“This is just an easy and obviously COVID-safe way that folks can order their lottery tickets,” Ward said. “You can view it as a carrier model, the same way that most of us are already ordering groceries and other goods through an app.”

Here’s how it works. The player places an order through the app, then the Jackpocket staff fills the order by buying tickets on the player’s behalf from an authorized Arkansas Scholarship Lottery retail location. Jackpocket, founded in 2013, has a partnership with Winners Corner, the lottery retailer at 6801 W. 12th St. in Little Rock. 

“The ticket is printed and scanned front and back, and then it’s uploaded onto the app, and you can view it that way,” Ward said. 

“The app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices with a simple search for Jackpocket, so you can find it online.” Campbell Ward’s contract is with Jackpocket, a privately held company, but the firm has been in regular contact with the state in rolling out the app for Arkansas.

By putting the actual lottery ticket onto phones, and sending an email with a serial number locking in the buyer as the sole owner, losing a ticket will no longer be a worry. Jackpocket also lets players create lottery pools with friends and relatives, or even with thousands of other Jackpocket players across multiple lottery jurisdictions.

“What that means is Arkansans can play with folks in Colorado, New New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio, Texas and Washington D.C.,” Ward said.