Benchmark Winner: Phigenics Factors Family, Fun Into Winning Formula

Benchmark Winner: Phigenics Factors Family, Fun Into Winning Formula

Phigenics was founded more than 15 years ago by Ashton McCombs, Dr. William McCoy and Jay Reading with the vision of “Optimizing operational efficiency and improving safety in building water systems to produce balanced systems that save money and enhance the quality of life.”

The three founders left the water treatment industry and started Phigenics as an independent and innovative company that helps facility owners and managers develop and implement comprehensive water management programs.

Based in Naperville, Illinois with a location in Fayetteville, Phigenics also provides independent verification and validation services to ensure that programs are safe, efficient and defensible, while optimizing operational (water, chemical, energy) and capital costs.

That’s the business end. Scratch the surface a little and a strong commitment to work-life balance is revealed.

Through its programs and initiatives Phigenics has fostered an atmosphere of support, professionalism and growth. Flexible work schedules, individual autonomy, attractive benefits and compensation packages are all part of Phigenics’ formula for employee happiness and success.

Fun & Family

The company usually has at least four company-sponsored, outside-of-work activities through the year that relieve stress and allow people to just have fun, and immediate family is welcome. These events include fishing, hiking and lake trips. There are also monthly employee birthday celebrations and fantasy football bracket contests.

Discounts for gym memberships, Fourth of July and Christmas parties and quarterly, social get-togethers are popular perks and anticipated events.

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But Phigenics knows that caring for employees isn’t all about fun and games. The company provides dependent care reimbursement of up to $3,000 a year for employees with children under 8. Hours are flexible to accommodate family priorities like school events and doctor visits.

New hires can contribute to the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (EOP) 30 days after starting work and Phigenics pays 100% of several insurance premiums.

With services in 50 states, Phigenics has a pretty large area to cover. When overnight travel is required the company offers monetary incentives or extra paid time off.

Phigenics knows that good work should be recognized.

Sales contests reward employees who have excelled with a chance to win a paid vacation. Phigenics has a kudos program in which co-workers can acknowledge each other and show their appreciation.

Pandemic Protocols

Phigenics has a deep list of experienced professionals throughout the U.S. that can support facilities with water safety concerns prior to commissioning building spaces for alternative use.

Unoccupied building spaces are being considered for alternative uses during the COVID-19 public health response. This impacts health care, hospitality, education, commercial businesses, convention and sport venues.

Opening facilities without proper water management commissioning services can lead to illness from waterborne hazards like Legionella. Water quality in unoccupied areas may not be safe for patient care operations or human consumption.

Phigenics has developed the Water Management Services (WMS) Rapid Response COVID-19 Adaptive Reuse of Space service, which helps building owners address water safety and risk management issues emerging from reused spaces in an urgent response. All services can be delivered remotely if required.

As for its employees, Phigenics has changed its sick time policies due to COVID-19, allowing employees to take out additional money for 401(k) loans and distributions, and has allowed changes to FSA plans and more flexibility in regard to time off.

Non-essential employees are enabled to work remotely and Phigenics has sent them care packages of face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. The company has also hired an additional cleaning service and requires masks and social distancing on the premises.


• After 5 years of employment, an employee receives a 1-ounce gold coin from the company worth around $2,000.

• Phigenics sends out birthday cards and gift cards to employees on their birthday.

• Recognition includes free football, basketball and baseball tickets to individual employees.

• Phigenics pays up to $3,000 a year in dependent care reimbursement for employees with children under the age of 8.

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