$26M Windows Add Up to Greener Glass at Walmart HQ

$26M Windows Add Up to Greener Glass at Walmart HQ
A demonstration of View Inc.'s dynamic windows. (View Inc.)

Do you know that Walmart’s new headquarters campus in Bentonville is being fitted with $26 million worth of dynamic glass?

What is dynamic glass, you ask? Well, it’s much more than a regular window, according to the website of View Inc. of Milpitas, California, which is supplying the material.

View’s glass lets in natural light and views, while blocking glare, eliminating the need for shades, according to the company’s website. The window’s tint also can be customized from anywhere using a cellphone. The smart windows lower energy use as well, the company said.

“It’s an intelligent, predictive system that adds value to a building,” the website said.

Walmart said it entered into the contract with View shortly after the start of the retailer’s fiscal year in February.

View also has a connection to the family of Walmart founder Sam Walton. Walton’s son S. Robson Walton; his son-in-law, Walmart Chairman Gregory Penner; and other members of their family own a total indirect equity interest in View of about 17%, according to Walmart’s filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

Walmart’s goal is to open its campus in phases through 2025, but that could change, the retailer said last week.

Renderings of the new headquarters campus feature a leafy office park with lakes, trees, bike and walking paths. The headquarters is being built on 350 acres on the east side of J Street, between Central Avenue and Highway 102.