Tyson Foods Expands Plant-Based Offerings

Tyson Foods Expands Plant-Based Offerings
(Tyson Foods)

Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale is introducing burger patties and ground, bratwurst and Italian sausage options from its Raised & Rooted brand of plant-based protein product line.

The company said the products will be available at grocery stores nationwide. 

"Our products are plants made meatier, and deliver the same delicious flavors, in a better-for-you alternative," said David Ervin, the vice president of marketing for Raised & Rooted. "We are excited to provide people with satisfying alternative protein options perfect for any occasion."

Tyson Foods said a recent survey conducted by Engine Insights showed that about half of Americans would like plant-based products suitable for grilling. The new options from Raised & Rooted are designed for grilling.

The products are made from pea protein and have between 17 and 21 grams of protein per serving with less saturated fat than meat-based proteins, the company said.

Tyson Foods' Raised & Rooted brand was started in June 2019 shortly after Tyson Ventures, the company's venture capital arm, divested of its $23 million investment in Beyond Meat, a then-private meatless protein company in El Segundo, California. Tyson Foods said its Raised & Rooted products are now available in 10,000 store nationwide, and the company announced an expansion in Europe in November.

"We are excited about the momentum we've built over the past year, fueled by our growth at retail, and our ability to continue to meet consumer's demands," Ervin said. "Raised & Rooted was created to provide plant-based options for everyone, and our new products are the next step toward meeting that goal while remaining steadfast to our commitment to providing great tasting alternative options."