6 Wellness Tips for Improving Employee and Company Health

6 Wellness Tips for Improving Employee and Company Health

For many Arkansas entrepreneurs, getting your small business off the ground is a grind. Your laser focus on the health of your company is good for growth but might cause you to overlook the health of your employees (and yourself).

What is wellness?

Increasingly, people are interested in wellness. It is a $4.2 trillion market and growing. Wellness is the pursuit of healthy habits, activities and lifestyle choices that result in better physical and mental health. Company wellness programs operate with the understanding that good employee health translates into productivity.

It’s important for employers to create a workplace with wellness in mind. Here are six wellness tips to help build a culture of good health.

1. Ask your employees

You employ a diverse group of people. At some point in past employment some of them probably participated in a wellness program, maybe one they really enjoyed. The best wellness ideas may come from your employees. Take a poll. Send a survey. You don’t have to implement all their ideas, but you may want to.

2. Bespoke wellness is best

Once size doesn’t fit all. Find a wellness program that can be tailored for your unique population of people. Talk to your health insurer about whether they can help you build a custom wellness program for your employees.

3. Be inclusive

Not everyone wants to run a 50K endurance race. Don’t make your first wellness promotion too challenging for people to complete. The key goal is employee engagement, not creating a stable of uber runners on your payroll. Choose activities in which everyone can participate.

4. Consider incentives

Incentives can provide motivation for participation. Prizes can be a Fitbit, smartwatch or other wearable item, healthy lunch delivery, fitness memberships, PTO, gift cards and more. Participation is usually better when there’s an incentive or prize.

5. Snack smarter

Sugary, processed food and drinks can cause fatigue, weight gain and unhealthy employees. Replace your company’s sugary, processed snacks with healthier options. Nuts, dark chocolate and fresh fruit are good choices.

6. Think full health, always

Good mental health is an enormous part of the overall wellness puzzle. Take a leadership position by removing stigma and talking about good mental health. Promote group lunches or walks, yoga and meditation, book clubs and more.

Wellness for the win

Your small business can make big gains with a smart wellness program. Talk to your insurance carrier about implementing wellness with your employees.

At Arkansas Blue Cross, our wellness coordinator is available to help create a program for you. Visit healthbenefitinsight.com for more employer health insurance insights and fill out our form to learn more about wellness.