Demystifying Treasury Management

Demystifying Treasury Management

The term Treasury Management means different things to different people. If you asked multiple business owners what it means to them, you would probably get multiple answers. By definition, Treasury Management is the management of a company’s liquidity with the goal of maximizing returns, streamlining processes and mitigating financial and reputational risk. In layman’s terms Treasury Management is the process of speeding up receivables, slowing down payables, protecting yourself from fraud and earning the largest return available on your company’s excess cash.

No matter the shape or size of your business, all of these goals are important to you as a business owner.

As a way to help their customers reach these goals, banks developed and adopted solutions, technologies and entire departments to help business customers, in essence, “manage their treasury.” For the past several years, the big banks were the only ones able to provide business customers Treasury Management solutions.

Sense of community

For many community banks, the cost of acquiring talent and technology was a barrier. While your businesses-lending needs could be met by your local community bank, most business customers could not have a one-stop shop because they had to keep their deposit relationship with the larger banks to take advantage of these services.

It is possible to find a community bank to manage your entire banking relationship, both lending and depository. Your business should search for a partner like Citizens Bank who offers solutions, technologies and entire departments dedicated to helping you manage and improve your company’s Treasury Management process.

Small business friendly

Many small business owners think these solutions are only for middle-market and corporate clients. This could not be further from the truth. Small businesses and startups need these tools as much if not more than larger companies.

When running a small business you constantly have to find ways to grow without increasing expenses. Treasury Management does just that, facilitating scalable growth through the adoption of technology and streamlined processes with the intent of reducing overhead costs over time.

Whether you have two employees or 2,000, it is possible to find a partner with products and pricing to fit your needs. Our community banking experts can help you identify opportunities and may even uncover some needs you didn’t know you had.

Anastasia Blaylock is senior vice president and director of Treasury Management at Citizens Bank. For more information, contact or visit