New Electricity Generation Renewables Dominate in 2021

Developers and power plant owners plan for 39.7 gigawatts of new electricity generating capacity to start commercial operation this year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. One gigawatt can power about 1 million U.S. homes.

Solar will account for the largest share of new capacity at 39%, followed by wind at 31%, the EIA says.

“Developers and plant owners expect the addition of utility-scale solar capacity to set a new record by adding 15.4 GW of capacity to the grid in 2021,” the EIA said in a January report. That will surpass last year’s nearly 12 GW increase.

In addition, another 12.2 GW of wind capacity is scheduled to come online in 2021. Last year, 21 GW of wind came online.