Engineer From Cameroon Opens 360° Painting in Little Rock

Engineer From Cameroon Opens 360° Painting in Little Rock
Boris Okong opened his franchise of 360° Painting in April.

Boris Okong has ventured into business by bringing the franchise 360° Painting, owned by Premium Service Brands, to Little Rock.

Okong opened his business downtown at 400 W. Capitol Ave. on April 12.

Okong, an engineer from Cameroon, decided to leave the energy industry after 17 years and enter a field that would allow him to spend more time with his family.

He began to work with FranChoice, a free consulting service that matches users with franchise opportunities that best fit their needs. Okong discovered 360° Painting through FranChoice, becoming instantly interested.

“I wanted a franchise where I could serve clients because I love meeting new people. I love doing a good job and seeing a satisfied customer,” Okong said. “360° Painting matched my passions and my ability and was something where I could serve the customers directly.”

Okong began the process of buying a franchise in October 2020. According to the Premium Service Brands’ website, the initial investment can total between $99,125 and $139,500. Okong said he invested about $120,000 to open his business, using money saved during his years of working in the energy industry.

To find a space for the company’s office, he used Regus, a service that provides professionals with available office spaces to lease. Okong says he needed only a small office space because most of the work is done on-site with the customer.

Currently, 360° Painting’s Little Rock location is composed of three teams of experienced local painters, each team having about two to three painters. After going through a rigorous selection process, these painters are taught the 360° model, then work with clients to best meet their needs.

“I feel like there is a lot of potential in the home service and painting industry, because the market needs it. So I’m happy with where we are and how we started. I really look forward to the future,” Okong said.