Spanish Jon's Sale Surpasses $4M (Real Deals)

Spanish Jon's Sale Surpasses $4M (Real Deals)
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A 224-unit apartment complex in south Little Rock tipped the scales at $4.02 million.

LPG Little Rock LLC, an affiliate of Bella Asset Management of Richland Hills, Texas, purchased the Spanish Jon Apartments at 5001 W. 65th St.

The seller is Republic Spanish Jon Ltd., an affiliate of Toronto’s Republic Funds.

The limited partnership bought the 12.59-acre development for $6 million in July 2016 from STJ Redevelopment LLC, an affiliate of Cross Equities of Addison, Texas.

Industrial Transaction

A 54,805-SF industrial building in south Little Rock weighed in at $2.99 million.

Elliott Real Estate Ltd. of Nacogdoches, Texas, acquired the 5510 W. 65th St. project from Cintas Corp. No. 2 of Cincinnati.

The 4.57-acre development was purchased for $1.6 million in July 2014 from IberiaBank of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Jiffy Development

A 1.08-acre Jiffy Lube development in west Little Rock is in the works after a $700,000 deal.

JL Little Rock 1489 LLC, an affiliate of Guggenheim Partners in Frisco, Texas, bought the 19410 Cantrell Road location.

The seller is ERB Holdings LLC, led by Matt Sitton. Construction is backed with a two-year loan of $1.9 million from Southside Bank of Tyler, Texas.

ERB Holdings acquired the property six months ago from the DLGCFG Trust, led by Clara Faye George, as part of a $1.1 million deal.

Sherwood Sale

An 8,900-SF warehouse-showroom in Sherwood drew a $425,000 transaction.

Wheaton Properties LLC, led by Wayne Wheaton, purchased the 8008 Warden Road project.

The sellers are Patsy Looper, Pamela Armstrong and Kenneth Fithen.

The deal is financed with a $340,000 loan from Centennial Bank of Conway.

The 1.46-acre location was bought for $28,000 in May 1971 from Earl and Rosa Lee Sisk.

Porkula Property

A 0.48-acre commercial site in Little Rock rang up a $375,000 sale.

Count Porkula Realco LLC, led by James Keet IV, acquired the land at 201 Keightly Drive from Daniel Haase.

The deal is funded with a one-year loan of $281,250 from Encore Bank of Little Rock.

Haase purchased the property for $200,000 in 1997 from Ozark Mountain Smokehouse Inc., led by Frank Sharp.

Apartment Buy

A fourplex in Little Rock changed hands in a $322,000 deal.

The Holly A. Vance Family Trust bought the 1723 Georgia Ave. project from The Dills House LLC, led by Caroline Ford.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $56,000 from Wells Fargo Bank of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The 0.29-acre development was acquired for $232,000 in June 2015 from Spicewoode LLC, led by Eddie Conners.

Interstate Purchase

A 1,260-SF garage-convenience store in southwest Little Rock sold for $200,000.

Juan Zarate and Mayra Soto purchased the 10501 Interstate 30 project from Jerry Butler.

The 0.59-acre development was bought for $125,000 in July 2011 from Glynn and Mary Reynolds.

Valley Falls Estates

A 7,886-SF home in west Little Rock’s Valley Falls Estates neighborhood tipped the scales at $1.5 million.

Dominic and Bruna Maggio acquired the house from Timothy and Cori McGrath. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $1.5 million from First Horizon Bank of Memphis.

The residence was purchased for $1.7 million in February 2009 from Gene Graves.

Germay Court

A 5,462-SF home in west Little Rock’s Germay Court neighborhood weighed in at $1.25 million.

Timothy and Cori McGrath bought the house from William Davis.

Davis acquired the residence for $819,000 in June 2012 from Rick and Betsy Eckardt.

Bella View

A 4,950-SF home in west Little Rock’s Bella View neighborhood is under new ownership after a $950,000 sale.

The Margaret C. Schueck Marital Trust purchased the house from the Henry B. Rogers Trust and Georgia McKinney Rogers Trust.

The site was bought for $145,000 in January 2006 from EvMark Development LLC, led by Bob Evans and Jim Markus.

Overlook Park

A 7,073-SF home in Little Rock’s Overlook Park neighborhood drew an $895,000 transaction.

Adam Wells acquired the house from Ellis Walton.

The 0.75-acre site was purchased for $180,000 in December 1987 from Doug Brandon Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth.

Ridgefield Estates

A 5,141-SF home in the Ridgefield Estates neighborhood of west Pulaski County rang up an $825,000 sale.

Safa Maiwand bought the house from the Don V. Burkett Irrevocable Trust.

The 5.5-acre site was acquired for $75,000 in April 1995 from Ridgefield Estates Inc., led by Larry Kuca.

Deauville Place

A 5,650-SF home in west Little Rock’s Deauville Place neighborhood changed hands in a $775,000 deal.

Nicolas Zoumberos and Sophia Vas-silagoris purchased the house from Carol and Todd Witham. The residence was bought for $732,000 in July 2006 from Rector Phillips Morse Inc., led by Loyd Walker.

The Oaks

A 5,074-SF home in The Oaks neighborhood of west Little Rock sold for $710,000.

The Mark & Sharman McNamer 2018 Joint Revocable Trust acquired the house from Jose Penagaricano and Elena Cornide.

The residence was purchased for $765,000 in July 2012 from Gaylon and Diana Moore.

Osage Falls

A 6,454-SF home in Maumelle’s Osage Falls neighborhood is under new ownership after a $629,900 deal.

Brady Preston bought the house from Christopher Shillcutt. The deal is financed with a 25-year loan of $566,910 from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Alabama.

Shillcutt acquired the residence for $421,000 in August 2015 from Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina.