Best Places to Work: CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs

Best Places to Work: CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs

CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs is a faith-based, nonprofit organization founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1888. Its medical care focuses on the patient’s physical and spiritual healing as well as its employees’ well-being.

Leaders at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs believe the organization’s value lies in its employees’ overall happiness and wellness. The leaders at CHI St. Vincent dedicate themselves to modeling the behaviors that are expected from their teams.

Engaging employees is a priority achieved through events such as luncheons, snack carts, holiday parties and Heritage Week prizes and gifts. On-site “relaxation stations” provide employees with massage chairs and tea to decompress and unwind.

Human kindness initiatives are regularly implemented and create an environment of respect and trust throughout the organization.

To prevent burnout, self-care is promoted by providing resilience and well-being resources such as journaling, breathing exercises and stretching techniques. Employees receive internal discounts through the gift/scrub shop and local perks such as cellular service and gym membership discounts.

Direct leaders create an environment of trust, actively support staff overall growth and personal development, and quickly respond to challenges and changes.

With proof of preventive screenings, employees’ insured families can earn up to $900. Free meals have been provided to those who worked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team members also receive Service Hero and Daisy Awards for exceeding patients’ expectations.

The Family Care benefit program assists with locating backup child care for employees in need. Free professional counseling is offered to employees who need assistance managing their work-life balance. Leadership regularly serves a pancake and omelet breakfast to night shift employees from 9-11 p.m.


Tuition reimbursement of over $5,000 annually is offered to employees in addition to internal online learning resources.

All or part of employees’ full- or part-time child care is paid, either on a regular basis or only during busy seasons.

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