Small Private CFO: Scott Rosenberg, Travel Nurse Across America

Scott Rosenberg picked an interesting time to join Travel Nurse Across America, a crucial pipeline to hospitals desperate for reinforcements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“‘Interesting’ is the understatement of the year, but I feel very fortunate,” said Rosenberg, who became CFO of the nationwide nurse staffing agency in July 2020 and has overseen finances as the firm has basically doubled in size.

“Supporting that growth in an international health crisis is top of mind when I think of my career achievements,” said Rosenberg, who played basketball and golf at Illinois Wesleyan University and confesses to a competitive streak. He later added an MBA from Rice University.

“My finance track is a bit different in that I didn’t come up through accounting; I came through operations support, understanding business through the lens of finance in various leadership roles in different parts of different businesses.”

Rosenberg’s resume includes significant stops at Asurion, the tech device insurer in Nashville, Tennessee, SVP Worldwide and Wellpath, which introduced him to the health care industry.

“It’s a watershed time in the industry, and in the labor market, which has changed dramatically in the last two years,” Rosenberg said. “So to be in a position where we as a company are helping to save lives by getting clinicians at the bedside where they’re needed, it’s very rewarding.”

Travel Nurse Across America placed about 2,500 nurses in hospitals across the country, the company said last month.

Rosenberg said balancing a personal drive for results with the necessity of teamwork is the core of his business philosophy. “You must have partnerships, but you also have to get results.”

Away from the office, Rosenberg devotes time to Baptist charities and promoting families. “We adopted our youngest child internationally, so we do a lot in support of international adoption.”

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