Hunt Family Donates $3 Million to Children's Safety Center

The J.B. and Johnelle Hunt Family donated $3 million to the Children’s Safety Center in Springdale.

The gift is part of the CSC’s Healing the Future campaign, which has raised more than $9 million. A new 15,000-SF building will be named the J.B. and Johnelle Hunt Family Children’s Safety Center of Washington County; the facility will include a therapy playground, two medical suites and space for community training.

The Children's Safety Center provides services and support for victims of child abuse. The CSC has raised more than $9 million in its current fundraising campaign and expects to break ground on the new facility in April 2022.

“Children in crisis will know the Hunt Family, whose name is on their school, their local park, and their hospital, cares about

them too,” CSC Executive Director Elizabeth Shackelford said. “I would like to thank the entire Hunt family for your extraordinary gift, your example, and your care for children who will begin their healing process in this state of the art building.”

J.B. and Johnelle Hunt are the founders of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. in Lowell.

“When I toured the Children’s Safety Center in the spring of 2019, I quickly came to the conclusion that this was the hardest place

I’ve ever visited,” said Jane Hunt, the daughter of J.B. and Johnelle Hunt. “Why? Because when I walked into the center I saw in a tangible way how vast the problem of child abuse is in Washington County. 

“We hope children and families will find healing, comfort and hope in this new space that we are proud to have our name on. We hope it inspires others to join in and help this dream become reality. The Children’s Safety Center is bringing back hope into these children’s lives. They are bringing a solution, and we need to support this solution.”