Census Shows Slower Growth for Arkansas

Population growth in the United States, Arkansas and central Arkansas slowed from 2010-2020 compared with the previous decade, U.S. Census Bureau tallies and the accompanying chart show.

“The drastic slowdown within the state of Arkansas demonstrated a contrast between population decline in rural areas and continuing growth in its two largest urban centers,” Metroplan noted in its report “Metro Trends: Demographic Review and Outlook,” released last month.

The second chart breaks state population change into categories. Overall state population grew by 95,600 people. Northwest Arkansas gained 106,600, while central Arkansas gained 48,300. The state’s other metro areas, meanwhile, saw a net loss of 2,200 people.

“The biggest population loss was the state’s rural counties, which shed 57,100 people and, more than anything else, accounted for the state’s slow 3.3 percent overall population growth over the 2010-2020 decade,” the report said.