Meet Your Little Rock Neighbors: Amy Counce

Meet Your Little Rock Neighbors: Amy Counce
Amy Counce (David Yerby)

Amy Counce

Little Rock native Amy Counce, 30, is a diehard fan of her home state. Her husband Reid Counce, a pediatrics physician at Arkansas Children's and UAMS, is from the southeast part of Arkansas, which adds to her appreciation of the outdoors. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a double major in hospitality and Spanish languages, so she is also familiar with Fayetteville and the beauty of the northwest area.

Closer to home, Counce is a big fan of the local community, its restaurants and network of small businesses, like hers, as well as Little Rock’s thriving arts scene.

Neighborhood I Call Home: Midtown Little Rock, where we live, and downtown by the river, where we work.

My Go-To Place in Little Rock is: Two Rivers Bridge and Rocktown Outfitters.

Favorite Local Little Rock Lunch Spot: We really love The Fold: [Botanas and Bar] and Raduno [Brick Oven and Bar Room] here in town. We make an effort to support local any time we are eating out. We believe that a meal out from one family can [be] a big impact and encourage others to do the same.

I Love Little Rock Because: I truly enjoy the engagement of the local community and the support for our small businesses and their stories. Our locals have really rallied around our businesses here in town, during the pandemic especially. It makes me extremely proud and grateful as a local business owner myself.

On the Weekend You Can Find Me: Downtown at our coffee shop on Saturdays. We host live music brunch shows and really enjoy the energy of the weekend down by the river. My husband and I love the outdoors, our family's farm and taking our rescue hound dog on walks.

Newcomers to Little Rock Should Definitely: Explore this beautiful state. Take advantage of the landscape around us and the easy commute to and from our spaces. We have beautiful cabins and trails to visit across the state with 52 state parks to explore.

Little Rock Surprised Me Because: The artistic and creative scene has really begun to explode and become a highlight of our local community. We love our local musicians, artists and makers and to see such a boom in their stories has been exciting. Our arts community is a true foundation now.