Rogers Firm OmniiX, Which Helps Online Sellers, Acquired by E-Commerce Aggregator Society Brands

Rogers Firm OmniiX, Which Helps Online Sellers, Acquired by E-Commerce Aggregator Society Brands
(Society Brands)

OmniiX of Rogers, a marketing agency that helps online sellers grow their business, has been acquired by Society Brands of Canton, Ohio, a firm that aggregates and consolidates e-commerce companies that primarily sell on Amazon. 

Financial terms were not disclosed.

As part of the deal, OmniiX founders John Collins and Stormey Collins will join Society Brands as chief marketing officer and chief of staff, respectively, the company said in a news release.

OmniiX has managed more than $500 million in total revenue for hundreds of clients, growing online sellers' brands at a rate of nearly 40% annually, according to the release.

Society Brands said it has raised $205 million in capital since it was founded in October 2020. The company said it's positioned to grow its portfolio to more than $1 billion in the coming years.

Its goal is to build a "community of entrepreneurs and Amazon brands that can help one another reach new heights." The company's website says that it offers online sellers a lucrative exit but encourages them to stay on and run their business.

"As a former Amazon seller," John Collins said, "the founder-first mission of Society Brands deeply resonates with me. I see that mindset really coming to life in our conversations with the founders."

Society Brands reported in March that its executive team, led by CEO Michael Sirpilla, had collectively sold over $2 billion on e-commerce and been involved in a pair of billion-dollar consolidations in separate industries.

"Acquiring a proven Amazon brand management agency is one of the biggest wins we've had as an organization to date and sets our platform up for long-term success," Sirpilla said in the release. "OmniiX has demonstrated the ability to manage a large block of business at scale. Many Amazon aggregators struggle to scale brands post acquisition, but with the OmniiX platform a part of Society Brands, the company is uniquely positioned to quickly grow our acquired brands."