Army Corps in Little Rock Gets Extra $169M for Navigation, Flood Control Projects

Army Corps in Little Rock Gets Extra $169M for Navigation, Flood Control Projects
A barge at Murray Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River (Shutterstock)

The Little Rock District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced that it's receiving an additional $168.5 million from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, money that will be used for civil works projects.

The district announced it January that it had received $203.5 million from the law, which President Joe Biden signed in November. 

The district covers the northwest half of Arkansas and a portion of south Missouri.

The money will be used to improve the reliability and resilience of the district’s multi-purpose reservoirs and inland waterway navigation system, the district said in a news release. It will also be used for flood control projects.

The district has allocated $92.6 million from the latest funding round for a 12-foot channel deepening project on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System and $62.7 million for operations and maintenance to provide reliable navigation.

Millwood Lake is receiving $4.2 million for emergency repairs to the Okay Levee in southwest Arkansas. Nimrod Dam in west Perry County is receiving $2 million for crane rehab, design and repair, while Clearwater Dam in southeast Missouri is receiving $850,000 for crane repair.

The district said it also received an extra $6.2 million in funds for its Continuing Authorities Program, which allows it plan, design, and implement water resource projects, on a smaller scale, without additional project specific congressional authorization. The program has been used to assist local governments and agencies that need help issues including streambank protection and storm and flood damage reduction.