Infinite Enzymes Raises $5.2M

Infinite Enzymes Raises $5.2M

Did you know that a Jonesboro biotechnology company recently raised $5.2 million?

Infinite Enzymes reported in a filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission that it has $401,932 remaining to be sold of its $5.6 million offering amount for equity in the company.

The April 14 filing said that the company had 39 investors, and the minimum investment amount was $45,000.

Kelly Phipps, the president of the company, didn’t immediately return a call for comment on Thursday.

The plant biotechnology company uses traditional crops, such as corn, to create “new, high value products,” according to the company’s website.

“Our focus is delivering the next step in biobased technologies providing new generations of sustainable single-activity enzymes produced in corn plants,” the company said on its website.

IE makes enzymes for industrial uses in corn seed production systems.

“The materials produced by these enzymes can be feedstocks for many biobased products as well as for biofuels and research applications,” the company said.