Mile-High Net Worth Puts Walmart Heir Atop NFL

Mile-High Net Worth Puts Walmart Heir Atop NFL
A file photo of Rob Walton speaking at a Walmart shareholders meeting (Wal-Mart via YouTube)

You probably have seen the announcement that Rob Walton is buying NFL’s Denver Broncos for a record price of $4.65 billion.

But did you know that the oldest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton is now the richest owner in the NFL, according to Forbes?

Forbes estimates Walton’s net worth at $57.7 billion, as of Thursday.

Walton’s net worth is multiple times that of the other owners. The next-richest NFL team owner on the list is David Tepper, owner of the Carolina Panthers. His net worth is estimated at $16.7 billion.

And there’s another owner with strong Arkansas ties in the top 10 of richest football owners: Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

He landed in the No. 3 spot with a $12.6 billion net worth, according to Forbes.