McGehee Gets $1M Federal Grant for Hospital Renovation

McGehee Gets $1M Federal Grant for Hospital Renovation
A Google Street View image of the emergency room entrance to McGehee Hospital (© Google)

The City of McGehee has received a U.S. Department of Agriculture Emergency Rural Health Care grant for $1 million to help fund McGehee Hospital’s $1.79 million renovation project.

The renovation consists of two major changes to the hospital’s infrastructure.

First, the medical laboratory will be relocated to within 60 feet of the hospital's front entrance and steps from the emergency department. The hospital hopes this close proximity will help patients struggling with mobility and allow the lab to generate critical test results quickly.

A cardiopulmonary laboratory will also be added to the respiratory department. This will allow for more modern surroundings for services the hospital has recently started like their two-room sleep study lab, Holter monitoring and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation therapy.

Construction is set to begin this fall, and the project should be completed by late 2023.

The renovation is part of an ongoing plan to turn the rural hospital around. The changes follow a 2016 $10 million hospital expansion and a 2017 $2.7 million rural health clinic project.

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