AcreTrader Adds Timberland to Investor Offerings

AcreTrader Adds Timberland to Investor Offerings
Carter Malloy, CEO of AcreTrader (Beth Hall)

AcreTrader, the Fayetteville company that allows investors to buy a fraction of a farm instead of the entire property, has added timberland to its investor offerings.

The expansion is being overseen by Mark Foley, the company's new director of timber acquisitions. Foley has more than two decades of experience in timber investing, with past roles including chief investment officer for Domain Timber Advisors and forestry portfolio analyst at Jeremy Grantham's GMO. 

"Aside from very large institutions, most investors have not had a way to access the steady historical returns of timber until now," Foley said in a news release. "We are excited to offer investors easy and unique access to the thriving timberland investment space, while simultaneously ensuring that timberland managers are afforded the land, resources, and tools necessary to empower the growth of their own operations."

The expansion comes after AcreTrader, led by CEO Carter Malloy, closed a $60 million funding round and completed the platform's hundredth farm offering in May.

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