J.B. Hunt Expands International Fleet

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell announced Friday that they have expanded their international fleet. 

The publicly traded transportation and logistics company partnered with Swire Shipping Pte. Ltd., formerly the China Navigation Co., of Singapore to help expedite overseas transport of new company containers and address international cargo movement from Asia.

As part of the agreement, J.B. Hunt will have ongoing cargo shipping opportunities with two vessels, the custom-branded Johnelle and Johnnie Bryan, from the Shenzhen, Qingdao and Shanghai markets in China to ports in California and the Pacific Northwest. Along with the additional vessel capacity, the Johnelle and Johnnie Bryan will transport new J.B. Hunt containers overseas as they become available. 

This partnership is part of the company’s plan to grow its intermodal fleet to 150,000 containers in the next three to five years.

“We’re really solving two very big challenges with this agreement,” said Darren Field, president of intermodal and executive vice president at J.B. Hunt, in a press release. “First, we’re adding intermodal capacity, which will provide customers with more opportunity to leverage the cost savings and sustainability benefits that J.B. Hunt Intermodal offers. Second, we’re greatly reducing the time it takes for customers’ freight originating overseas to be out for delivery in the U.S., something that has troubled the industry for years.”

The Johnelle has already docked at the Port of Everett in Washington, with more than 250 new containers on board. The Johnnie Bryan will dock at the Port of Hueneme in California next month with an undisclosed number of additional containers.