SupplyPike Touts Updated Product For Walmart Suppliers

SupplyPike Touts Updated Product For Walmart Suppliers

SupplyPike of Fayetteville recently announced that its OTIF (on-time and in-full) Radar app has been updated to allow Walmart suppliers to dispute OTIF fines in-app and within 30 seconds, with one click.

Such fines are levied through Walmart’s OTIF program, which measures supply chain performance.

OTIF Radar users can now identify and dispute invalid OTIF fines in one click with proof documentation included directly to Walmart's HighRadius portal. They will also have access to a list of disputes indicating their status, submitted date and amounts.

Previously, the app supplied documents needed to submit dispute documentation manually.

"I have worked with Walmart suppliers long enough to know how much of a pain point OTIF fines are. OTIF Radar allows suppliers to isolate poor performance in their supply chain and resolve issues before they impact their bottom line,” Ryan Petty, SupplyPike senior product manager, said in a news release. “Now suppliers can instantly identify and dispute invalid fines directly from the app to maximize their chances of recovering dollars."