Layoffs at Bentonville Tech Firm as Demand Softens

Layoffs at Bentonville Tech Firm as Demand Softens

RevUnit, a digital strategy and efficiency company headquartered in Ben-tonville, laid off six of its 72 employees on July 14, co-founder Michael Paladino told Whispers last week.

He said 2021 was a year of strong growth for the business, and though 2022 started the same way, demand dipped. “For us, as a professional services firm, our staffing is tied pretty directly to the customer project work,” and there was “pullback from our clients because of the [current] economic conditions,” Paladino explained.

The firm has looked at a spending freeze and other options. He declined to disclose the cost savings achieved through the layoffs.

Paladino emphasized that this decision was tough and not based on individual performance. RevUnit offered severance packages. The firm is also doing what it can to help the six “outstanding employees” land jobs elsewhere, he said.

Better days could be ahead though. “As we move forward, we’re seeing increased demand from supply chain companies, specifically in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re excited about the types of solutions we’re providing our clients and look forward to a strong back half of the year,” Paladino said.

“A big part of what we’re doing right now is looking forward and ensuring that we are operating in areas that are technically recession proof, or at least areas that are going to have growth during the recession."