'I Had A Vision'


'I Had A Vision'
Cameron Smith (Photo provided)

Cameron Smith had charm. We’d like to think we’re immune to charm, but the plain fact is that we’re not.

Charm, however, is not enough to build and sustain a successful business, and Smith’s Cameron Smith & Associates of Rogers, an executive recruiting firm, is very successful. That’s because Smith, who died July 18 at 71, also had vision.

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He came to Arkansas from California in the early 1990s and quickly saw a need, one he was determined to meet. Smith launched Cameron Smith & Associates and became the top provider of executive talent to the vendors doing business with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. In 2015, when Smith was honored as the Arkansas Business Executive of the Year, the number of vendors stood at almost 1,400.

“When I discovered this niche market of working with the suppliers to Wal-Mart, I embraced it and owned it,” he told Arkansas Business. “I had a vision of what could be, made a strategic plan and executed it with absolute certainty that it would work.”

In addition to the charm, vision and devotion to planning and execution, Smith, raised by a single mother, also had compassion. His obituary noted his longtime support for the Single Parent Scholarship Foundation.

Smith was a transplant who became an Arkansan, and his life and business success illustrate how greatly those who choose to make Arkansas their home can enrich this state.


We’re pleased that the federal government has awarded $2 million to the Southwest Trail project, a recreational path connecting the Arkansas River Trail loop in Pulaski County to Hot Springs National Park. Northwest Arkansas has certainly benefited from pedestrians and bicyclists using the region’s extensive network of trails. Let’s see if central Arkansas and its tourist industry can as well. 

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