Benchmark Winner: American Truck and Rail Audits

Benchmark Winner: American Truck and Rail Audits

40+ Years in business  |  0% Turnover rate since 2019  |  8+ Average years of employment

In business for more than 40 years, American Truck and Rail Audits (AMTR) is the nation’s premier provider of after-payment freight auditing services.

With specialties in rail and truck freight, its expert auditors are enabled by leading-edge internet technology applications, a deep knowledge of transportation rules and client shipping patterns/products and close, long-term working relationships with carriers. Many AMTR clients are Fortune 500 companies. 

AMTR fosters a fun, friendly and tight-knit workplace that matches a professional dedication, integrity and tenacity for the mission with genuine concern and action taken for the well-being of employees and their families.

The company’s core values were developed by employees and include integrity, excellence, passion/tenacity for work, teamwork, respect in relationships and empowerment for employees.

In submitted comments, AMTR employees say they are treated like family, supported in their personal and professional needs, protected in trying times and pushed to explore new opportunities within the industry. They consistently feel appreciated, valued and rewarded for their dedication and hard work.

AMTR has programs to support employees across a spectrum of needs that include wellness, medical benefits, time off, awards and recognition, flexible work schedules, family time and more.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that required all employees to transition to remote work literally overnight, the company has continued to experience significant growth. The always low turnover rate has been 0% since 2019, with most employees having been with the company an average of 8-plus years and some more than 20 years.


Core values posters are located around the office and underpin business operations, leadership expectations, strategic planning processes, performance evaluation standards, relationships/interactions with clients and other business partners and community engagement endeavors.

Company Culture

CEO-directed time off is granted for outstanding company goal performances, with over 17 days allotted in 2021. CEO-directed Christmas and New Year’s holiday breaks have averaged two weeks off the past five years. CEO-directed extended holiday weekend time off is granted for holidays like Easter, Independence Day, Memorial Day and more.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A diversity and inclusion training course is offered via LinkedIn Learning and AMTR provides a subscription for every employee. It is encouraged by leadership and attended by leadership and employees. The company’s professional employer organization (PEO) offers diversity and inclusion webinars and a mandatory anti-harassment training webinar.

Employee Perks

Although a small company and exempt from the Family and Medical Leave Act, AMTR still provides eight weeks of paid parental leave (separate from paid time off) to employees following the birth of a child or placement from adoption or foster care.

Training & Professional Development

Depending on the education needs and financial situation of the employee, AMTR often assists employees financially in their college endeavors where possible. The company also has business education workshops and conferences, professional certification opportunities and work-related courses.



  • Employees are allowed to work remote from other locations for short periods to take care of ailing/dying family members if needed.
  • Company owners always contribute financially to any community initiatives that employees select to participate in.
  • AMTR Spooktacular is a celebration of Halloween, a company favorite. During COVID, employees came to the office at 15-minute intervals to trick or treat, participate in activities and to see and be seen. Last year’s celebration was a fall picnic with pumpkin bowling and carving, a costume contest and mechanical wild pig riding.

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