Best Places to Work: Supreme Lending

Best Places to Work: Supreme Lending

Based in Dallas with multiple locations in Arkansas, Supreme Lending has continued to lead by example in the lives of customers, employees and communities. 

Supreme Lending retains a 98% satisfaction rating from its customer base for the handling of the biggest investments of their lives. The core values, family atmosphere and employee support systems have led to a long history of retention in an industry in which people often job hop.

The company’s support system includes short-term disability to take in conjunction with the Family and Medical Leave Act that pays at 60% of their earnings. As some employees are also covered under other health care programs through family, spouse or prior military service, Supreme Lending offers a choice of health care plans in order to best suit their situation.

Employees are able to participate in the retirement plan 30 days after their first day of employment. 

Supreme Lending’s adoption benefits include information and referral services; paid time off; legal, counseling and agency fees; court costs, travel and lodging.



  • Supreme Lending allows employees time off to participate in community service during normal business hours without losing pay or using vacation time.

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